The Plants of RomanceAlmost 2,000 years ago Ovid lamented, “Alas, there are no herbs to cure love.”

This may have  well been true, but the addition of herbs certainly enhances many sweet pleasures that are important to a well-lived life.

On a personal level, I have reached an understanding of herbs that reflects a relationship with others-in who I once was and who I will become. I call herbs the plants of romance.

As I’ve come to know herbs, they have twined around my hearts’ qualities and preferences.

Herbs grow up close and personal. They are not just flowers, but calendulas, nasturtiums and roses. They are garnishes, but cinnamon and lemon  basil, apple mint and chocolate mint, parley and lavender and thyme.

They are not bulbs, but garlic and chives, dill and fennel.

Come and visit us at URBANherbal to discover something new, time for little sprigs and blossoms of beauty and grace. Herbs can make your meals more flavorful, your work more enjoyable and your life more pleasurable.

Wishing you herbs, health & happiness,

Bill Varney

P.S.  Watch for our new class schedule coming soon from March 2013 – March 2014

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