Our herbal mission is simple: to provide the best organic products and service to you at the most competitive prices possible. We take great pride in our URBANherbal, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.

You can find URBANherbal’s physical location at 407 Whitney Street, Fredericksburg, Texas, 78624, six blocks from bustling Main Street.

In 1985, The Varney Family started Varney’s Chemist Laden located on Fredericksburg’s Main Street. The name was meant to compliment the area, ”Varney’s” to personalize the business to the community, “Chemist” to indicate the herbal apothecary nature of its products and services and “Laden” the German word for shop, to compliment Fredericksburg’s heritage. Not only did the name compliment the Fredericksburg area, the nature of the business itself fit in with existing businesses and services already offered to the Fredericksburg tourist.In 1991, Varney’s Chemist Laden blossomed into Fredericksburg Herb Farm. In addition, to the original retail shop on Main Street, the Varneys also own over four acres of farm land with gardens, a commercial greenhouse, and a bed and breakfast, a shop, a tearoom, a day spa and a restored historic Texas home.

Children's GardenThe business initially distinguished itself in a competitive tourist town by offering unique and natural products such as toiletries and small potted herbs. As time passed, however, demand grew for the shop’s other product lines, which included herbal vinegars and seasonings, as well as the toiletries and potpourris. Selling their products regionally and then nationally seemed like a natural expansion opportunity for the business’s growing popularity and the public’s new-found interest in herbs.  The Varneys also find time to conduct workshops on growing and cooking with herbs. In Spring of 1996, the Varneys published a book entitled Along the Garden Path, which offers herbal advise, recipes, gardening tips, and more. The Varneys want customers to feel the personal touch behind each purchase.

In 2007, after 23 years, the Varneys realized that they wanted to go back to their original roots that gave their business its first sprout.

They decided to sell Fredericksburg Herb Farm and reinvented themselves as URBANherbal. URBANherbal continues to provide the intimate and personalized atmosphere, offering their unique artisanal herbal products. Their products and herbal knowledge have won international awards and have been recognized by the press since 1985.