Lemon VerbenaPleasing and versatile, lemon verbena attracts bees and butterflies to your landscape. Leaves are delightful in iced beverages and in potpourri. Plant this tender deciduous perennial outdoors in frost-free areas in any well drained soil, where the lemony leaves and fragrant white to pale purple flowers can be touched and enjoyed.
An herb from hot Central and South America, lemon verbena is believed to relieve nervous stomachs, depression, headaches and heart palpitations.

Planting and Care

Natural legginess and rampant growth require the tall stems be pruned in late spring and summer. If growth looks ragged after late frost, reduce height by one-third to stimulate new growth and to keep plants more compact.

Harvesting and Use

The most lemony of all herbs, lemon verbena has an intense lemon zest without being bitter and is a favorite culinary herb used in fruit salads, cooked sauces and baked goods. Lemon verbena is an ingredient in perfumes and liquors. For aromatic relief, add an infusion of fresh or dried leaves to your bath.

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