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Herbs, Wine and Cheese

Practice makes perfect. Novices are often daunted by the task of cooking with herbs, but with some practice and a little help from your friends here at Urban Herbal, we can help you turn what sounds like a difficult road into a stroll in the park.

Here is a quote that I think, humorously, stresses the importance of learning how to cook with some panache:


“My dear, I love you ardently

Adore your charm, the way you look,

I’m captivated by your voice,

I’ve read with pride your latest book,

And yet I will not marry you

Until, sweetheart, you’ve learned to cook.”

   -Martyno, Ultimatum

An easy way to get your feet wet, while impressing a loved one, family and friends is to serve up a few cheeses, grab some wine, add some bread, fruit and accompaniments, and you’re a star! Useful for cooking novices and seasoned vets alike, here is a helpful chart I’ve put together.

Click the link to download and print the chart!

Herb-Cheese-and-Wine-Chart1_resizeHerb, Cheese, and Wine Chart

Lets enjoy a glass of vino and good cheer on this hot summer day in August. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to send your comments and thoughts. As Walafrid Strabo wrote, “And I offer this, that as you read what I gladly dedicate to you, you may know of my labors. And, please, as you read, prune the faults and approve what is good.” – Hortulus, A.D. 840

Herbally yours,


P.S.  You might enjoy the blog post I did last year on making yogurt cheese!

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