As you step into the garden under the moonlight you catch a scent of fragrant jasmine, with undertones of mimosa, antique roses and citrus wafts of mandarin under the silver moon. Then you feel a breeze with a drift of orange and spices while brushing up against the patchouli and ylang ylang plants.

Captivated with the romance of the garden, the moonlight and the trickle of a bird in the fountain you feel a kiss with a slight aroma of Madagascar vanilla with amber. The kiss becomes more romantic on your shoulder and then your drawn and realize your in a dream of sensual romance with Garden moonlight.

Garden Moonlight captures young spring-like impressions from a bouquet of summer flowers rounded off with fresh citrus sweetness of a summer night. Old-fashioned and yet young, leaving you erotically and exotically stimulated with the orient.

Each bottle is handmade, hand blended and bottled, one at a time by William Varney, a work of art, just like the beautiful painting that adorns this scent by Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg artist, Barbara B. Loyd, one stroke at a time with love.