Laurie was an “Army Brat”, traveling with her family for most of her young life. When her father retired, the family settled in Minnesota where she lived most of her adult life until 2011 when she retired and moved with her husband and 24 animals to Fredericksburg.

She is a graduate of St. Cloud State University in central Minnesota, with a comprehensive visual arts major and a BS degree, allowing her to teach Art K-12, which she did for 27 years.

Besides teaching she designed stained glass windows for two stained glass studios, and her work can be seen in numerous homes and churches. She was the set, costume, poster, and playbill designer for public school and community theater productions, and she did pen and ink illustrations for a local newspaper.

Laurie has participated in many shows in Minnesota, both group shows and solo shows. She is currently a board member of the Fredericksburg Art Guild, and exhibits her work in the Guild’s gallery and River Rustic Gallery in Fredericksburg.

She says she will always be an “emerging artist” because she is always experimenting with new ideas and new media. Currently she concentrates on altered photography, mixed media “junk” clocks and rubber jewelry. She also paints and makes Art dolls.

“The older I get, the more creative and adventurous I get. My work doesn’t have to please anybody but me. However, Art is a means of communication, and if my work speaks to others, it is an honor!

Laurie would like to honor and recognize the following people who have influenced her life and her art: Deanna Bendix, Merle Sykora, Ron Kreshaw, Mark Linne, her many students, and her husband Mike.