Creative expression has always been a driving force in Joyce’s life as a native Texan. Musically gifted, Joyce mastered numerous instruments in her youth to accompany her developed singing voice. Although audibly talented, the visual arts were always her favorite form of expression.

After graduation from the University of Houston, the realities of raising a family force Joyce to per down her guitar, but she never put down her paintbrush. She even found that the high pressure of her career could be brushed away with the tickle of horsehair on canvas. Joyce has spent nearly three decades honing her craft while studying under some of the most influential artists of today.

Oil and pastels are Joyce’s chosen mediums, each bringing a different technique in application with diverse visual results. While realism is her most comfortable style, Joyce is constantly challenging herself to experience new interpretations. Her camera is often pointed at desert landscapes, capturing the intrinsic beauty of nature that she lovingly refreshes in her art. The bold and rich colors of the southwest are favorite choices on her pallet.

Today, Joyce paints in her studio perched above the Llano River in Junction, Texas, surrounded by an abundance of wildlife. She has a keen awareness of the importance of preservation of the land she loves and nurtures. “Nature and beauty of simple things” are common themes in her portfolio and lend inspiration to her work.