Beth has lived in Fredericksburg area for seven years but has been a frequent visitor for 20 years. She is an active member of the Fredericksburg Art Guild, Kerrville Art Club and the John Creek Press.

Beth grew up in Dallas and lived in Arlington, TX before moving to Fredericksburg. She received a degree in science and worked for 10 years as a medical Technologist, until she decided to take time for herself. She took a watercolor class and was “hooked.” She went back to school and received a bachelor of fine arts degree from UT Arlington. Her favorite studies were art history. She studied with many well known artists and has developed her own unique style.

“Why do I paint? It is good for my soul. I get out of sorts when I don’t have time to paint. I see a world full of things, shapes, colors, textures, etc. I want to see it all. Then I want to put it down on canvas or paper, to share my mood and view of the people and things I experience.” She likes to work outside and paint directly from nature….wind, dust, insects, and onlookers add to her painting process. After sketching and taking notes on location, Beth retreats to her studio to work on larger paintings. She also likes to work from a model to develop a feeling for the character of the person in her painting. People in her paintings are studies in character and mood rather then realistic portraits.

Beth works mostly with watermedia; watercolor, gouache, acrylic and water soluble pencils. She also works with printmaking techniques using oil based inksto create monotypes.” The element of surprise when the print is transferred from the plate to the paper is exciting.” says Beth.

Beth’s work has been shown in many solo and juried shows. Once you view her work you will recognize her distinctive style of painting. Beth’s work is shown at the Fredericksburg Art Guild, Kairos Gallery, which is located halfway between Fredericksburg and Kerrville. Beth and her husband bought a beautiful old Amish barn made in Ohio over 100 years ago from hand hewn timbers. The barn was carefully taken down and reassembled to stand with grandeur in the Texas Hill Country. It is now Kairos the Celebration Barn featuring an art gallery, meeting and banquet facilities.